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Commodity Grid (CoG) Kits allow Grid users, Grid application developers, and Grid administrators to use, program, and administer Grids from a higher-level framework. The Java and Python CoG Kits are good examples. These kits allow for easy and rapid Grid application development. They encourage collaborative code reuse and avoid the duplication of effort among problem solving environments, science portals, Grid middleware, and collaboratory pilots.

It is an often overlooked fact that CoG Kits are also used within the Globus Toolkit, and provide important functionality. The Java CoG Kit, for example provided the implementation of Java-based GSI, gridFTP, myProxy, GRAM client implementations. Today the Java CoG Kit provides additional functionality beyond that of the Globus toolkit. Among this functionality you will find the concept of Grid abstractions and providers, workflows, and support for portal developers.

Call for Collaboration

Our close collaborators and sponsors have the benefit of obtaining specialized versions and receive priority consultation. If you would like to sponsor us or work with us in a more direct fashion as part of your projects, please contact We have expertise in Grid workflows, middleware, portals, gateways, applications, and naturally in the Java and Python CoG Kits. We have PI status in NSF and DOE and can also be part of SBIRs or STTRs. Subcontracts are possible.


What? Why?
CoG is used to build portals It helps the developers to bridge between gt2, and gt4
We support Java and Python A large number of users use them
We are developing a Grid Desktop for GT4.0 Easy use for the Grid novice
We maintain a list of documents Find out more details on what we do
We maintain a number of versions To support those with different Globus versions
We like that you contribute We believe in community participation, we are an open source project
We contributed the security libraries to GT4 The CoG Kit security libraries are also distributed in GT4
We have a version that supports GT2 Support those using GT2
We have a version that supports GT4 Support for those using GT4
We have a version that partially supports Condor Support for those using Condor
We are developing a Grid workflow system Currently it supports GT2, GT4
We have a convenient setup procedure To support the novice user
We support windows clients To support the many users who have windows machines
We are developing a Grid shell To support those who like command lines
We like to collaborate with application groups Contact