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Current Sponsors

Past Sponsors

Principal Investigators

where (P) stands for Python and (J) for Java.

Lab Team Members in Alphabetical Order

  • Kaizar Amin (J), University of North Texas and Argonne National Laboratory
  • Jarek Gawor (J), Argonne National Laboratory (jGlobus)
  • Mike Hategan (J), Argonne National Laboratory
  • David Konerding (P), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Robert Winch (J), Loyola University and Argonne National Laboratory

Other Contributors

  • Rashid Al Ali (J) Cardiff University, UK
  • Jim Baseney (J) NCSA
  • Matt Bone (J) Loyola University
  • Jean-Claude Cote (J) (formerly CNRC, CA)
  • Jonathan Di Carlo (J), University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory
  • Scott Gose (J) Argonne National Laboratory
  • Sriram Krishnan (J) Indiana University (Java)
  • Peter Lane (J) Argonne National Laboratory
  • Sandeep Nijsure (J) University of North Texas
  • Jason Novotney (J) now SDSC
  • Manish Parashar (CORBA) Rutgers
  • Pawel Plaszczak (J) now Gridwise Technologies, PL
  • Helen Rehn (now IBM) (Java)
  • Michael Russell (now Max Plank Institute) (Java)
  • Darcey Quesnel (J) CANARIE
  • Mike Russel (J)
  • Pankaj Sahasrabudhe (J), was University of Louisville and Argonne National Laboratory, now CitiGroup NA
  • Warren Smith (J) now TACC
  • Mike Sosonkin (J), was Polytechnic NY
  • Vladimir Silva (J) was IBM, now Lokeed Martin
  • Benjamin Temko (J) was Indiana University
  • Snigdha Verma, (CORBA) was Rutgers
  • Nithya Vijayakumar (J) Indiana University

NSF REU Students

  • Matt Bone
  • Ishrath Fatima
  • Mike Sosonkin
  • Robert Winch
  • Tan Trieu
  • Phil Zimny
  • Chris Grubbs


Some Biosketches of contributors can be found here.


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