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Wiki Accounts

For more information go to the Accounts page

Please, send mail with your name, affiliation, address, and e-mail address to Include the keywords COG WIKI ACCOUNT in the subject line.

What if I have forgotten my password? Simply go to the login page, read till the end wher you find mail me a new password.


Help for editing pages can be found here.


We found it more practical to spell check in an external editor and past and copy the document back into the Wiki page. This way you can also use your preferred editor. The best way would be t install google toolbar and use the spellchecker from there.

Templates with Parameters

How do I do a template with parameters: Do an edit on this page and see how this template works. The template you find on the bottom. CHANGES.txt


For tables simply use the prettytable template

 {| {{prettytable}}
 | a
 | b

will result in

a b


It is possible to upload .doc .txt and .xls files to the wiki. To upload a file please use the following filenames:


Do not use any _ and @ or other non ASCII or numerical characters in the filename. make all file names lower case

Example: Assume user Gregor likes to upload a file in the project MPIAB, this can be done as follows


WARNING: IN case you want to upload the same file again, you must make sure that your browser cache is completely deleted! If you want to make sure that its getting in and do not want to bother about it, simply add a version number before the . and delete the previous version.


To augment Wiki pages with tasks that need to be done, you can use:

 <tasks> [ ] your task (Gregor) </tasks>

In the text the task will appear as

Task.png your task (Gregor)

Restrictions are:

  • Tasks need to be specified in a single line
  • You can not use ( ) in the task description other than for the owner.
  • If there is a full stop that must come before the username parentheses is opened ....

To include in your pages a list of tasks you can use

The software we use can be found at

Please add yourself to the following page:


We use some icons to indicate when things need to be worked on or are broken. Stop.png Alert.gif Checkmark.gif Icon-info.gif

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