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This page describes the projects that may be chosen as part of your school curriculum in case you have to do a project for credit. We are happy to work with your advisor to facilitate projects you do during the semester. All software developed is distributed freely under the Apache license. We have included specific notes for some classes below and list suggestions for projects.

Development Repository

The development projects are typically maintained as part of the Sourceforge SVN repository.

Project Ideas

We are looking for volunteers that can help contriutiing to the following projects. Please contact if you like to work on one of them.

High priority projects:

Other projects:

Student Project Pages

All students have Gregor von Laszewski as a project/thesis advisor.

Name Project E-mail School Course Teacher Status
Ali Kaplan GridTorrent IU PhD Thesis Geoffrey C. Fox Start Jan 2007
Open Scientific Experiment management with Commodity Tools [Open] [Open] TBD Open
Open Genetic Algorithms on the Grid for Graph Partitioning [Open] [Open] TBD Open
Open CoG Kit Grid FTP GUI [Open] [Open] TBD Open
Open CoG Kit Workflow GUI [Open] [Open] TBD Open
Open CoG Kit Jobqueue GUI [Open] [Open] TBD Open
Open CoG Almanac [Open] [Open] TBD Open

Former Student Projects

Name Project E-mail School Course Teacher Status
Nov 06 Guruprasad B Nagaraja Prasad: Masters thesis SIU MS Thesis Rahimi
Jan 06 Kaizar Amin Ad-hoc Grids UNT PhD Thesis Mikler
Summer 05 Tan Trieu Scientific experiment management SCU Und. Thesis Figueira
Dec 04 Pankaj S. Grid Desktop Masters Thesis
Spring 05 Jonathan DiCarlo A Grid Usage Sensor Service UC Laszewski
Spring 04 Daniel Colonnese Scientific Workflow Systems Masters Thesis

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