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We have a large number of

that are listed currently as part of Gregors vita Once we have more time, we will provide a separate document. The refernces are available in bibtex format through the following bib files:

Best Research Poster Award at SC2004

The Next Generation of the Java CoG Kit (version 4), Gregor von Laszewski, Kaizar Amin, Matt Bone, Mike Hategan, Pankaj Sahasrabudhe, Mike Sosonkin, Robert Winch, Nithya Vijayakumar, David Angulo Abstract (left) (center) (right)

Community references

Please, let us know about publications that use CoG Kits. We like to collect them here. Send mail to We know through google and citeseer searches that the CoG kIt has been cited by a variety of research projects.

Search Engine

CoG Kits @ IBM Developers work

Java CoG Kit @ IBM Developers work

Note some of these references reflect information related to older versions of the Java CoG Kit and the Globus Toolkit. Readers are advised to take this into consideration.

  • serach on IBM Developers work: CoG Kit (this will take some time!)
  • www Grid Job submission using the Java CoG Kit
  • www Plug into the grid with Perl and Globus
  • www Manage X.509 certificates in your grid with Java Certificate
  • www Crunch big numbers with GT3 using a quadratic sieve
  • www zSeries servers and Grid computing
  • www IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal: GT3 and WebSphere compatibility
  • www Perl and the grid infrastructure
  • www Developer resources for an on demand world: Virtualized
  • www Grid computing: New to grid computing
  • www Grid Application Framework for Java -

Python CoG Kit @ IBM Developers works

  • search on IBM Developers work: CoG Kit ( this will take some time!)
  • www Plug into the grid with Perl and Globus
  • www Build Python grid applications with the Globus Toolkit
  • www Build grid applications with the Python Extensions for the Grid (PEG)