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We are happy to announce that the Java CoG kit is used as part of demonstrations and papers presented at SC05 and the associated workshops. The list presented here is in no means complete. If you know about other efforts that use the CoG Kit, please let us know and add them here. Simply send e-mail to

Technical Program

GCE05 Workshop

  • Friday, November 18, 2005: Several presentation at the GCE05 Workshop use Java CoG Kit technologies. The link to the workshop is
  • please add your papers here:
  • Poster: Grid usage sensor service, GCE05: Grid Portals Workshop,
  • Poster: Portal-based Knowledge Environment for Collaborative Science, Larry Rahn, et al.


The link to the workshop is

  • Paper: Ad Hoc Grid Security Infrastructure Security, Kaizar Amin, Gregor von Laszewski, Mike Sosonkin, Armin Mikler, Mike Hategan, Monday Nov 14th, Grid 2005, Session 3A (Room 6A)
  • Paper: ASKALON: A Grid Application Development and Computing Environment

Thomas Fahringer, Radu Prodan, Rubing Duan, Francesco Nerieri, Stefan Podlipnig, Jun Qin, Mumtaz Siddiqui, Hong-Linh Truong, Alex Villazon, Marek Wieczorek ( abstract)

Exhibition Floor

Java CoG Kit

  • Paper: Grid usage sensor service, GCE05: Grid Portals Workshop,, Friday, November 18, 2005
  • Paper: Ad Hoc Grid Security Infrastructure Security, Kaizar Amin, Gregor von Laszewski, Mike Sosonkin, Armin Mikler, Mike Hategan, Monday Nov 14th, Grid 2005, Session 3A (Room 6A)
  • Demo: CoG Workflow at the ANL booth Tuesday Nov 15, 12:30pm - 1pm
  • Demo: CoG Workflow at the ANL booth Wednesday Nov 16, 3:00 - 3:30 pm
  • Demo: CoG Workflow at the ANL booth Thursday Nov 17, 12:30pm -1pm
  • Demo: CoG Workflow: any time a demo can be scheduled. Please contact Gregor von Laszewski him at or try calling him at 630 842 2180


  • Demo: Demos of OGCE are given at the NCSA and the Indiana Booth
  • More infor on demo times will be posted here shortly.


  • Project name: Gridport
  • Contact: Eric Roberts
  • Web page:
  • Demo schedule:
  • Description: The GridPort Toolkit (GridPort) enables the rapid development of highly functional grid portals that simplify the use of underlying grid services for the end-user. It comprises a set of portlet interfaces and services in the portal layer that provide access to a wide range of backend grid and information services provided by lower-level grid technologies including the Globus Toolkit, the Grid Portal Information Repository (GPIR), and Condor. Portlets expose the backend services via customizable web interfaces in order to enable personalization of grid portal user interfaces. Portal services support the portlets inside the portal layer by augmenting their capabilities in an extensible and reusable way while tying the portlets together in order to make them more cohesive. GridPort is intended for use by developers of grid-enabled portals, portlets, and applications.
  • What we are using CoG for: Globus job submission and GridFTP file transfer portlet interfaces

TeraGrid User Portal

NCHC Grid Portal Project

  • Project Title: NCHC Grid Portal Project
  • Web Link:
  • Contact1: Weicheng Huang,
  • Contact2: Chien-Lin Huang,
  • Description: A portal to the Grid with MDS search, proxy management, gridftp, workflow, job status ldap browser, parametric study portlets


  • Project: GEON
  • Web Page:
  • CoG use: Uses the GSI https service as well as GSI and other funcions of the CoG kit.
  • Description: The goal of GEON is to advance the field of geoinformatics to prepare and train current and future generations of geoscience researchers, educators, and practitioners in the use of cyberinfrastructure to further their research, education, and professional goals. Geoinformatics will foster new interdisciplinary research, for example, the gravity modeling of 3D geological features, such as plutons; study of active tectonics by integrating LiDAR data and geodynamics models; and, study of lithospheric structure and properties across diverse tectonic environments.



  • Project Name: Ninf
  • Contact:
  • Web Page:
  • What we are using CoG for: Ninf-G is a reference implementation of the GridRPC API, a proposed recommendation at the GGF. Currently, two versions of Ninf-G are available, Ninf-G version 2 and version 4. Both versions are implemented using the Globus Toolkit C API and Java CoG Kit to work with basic Grid services, such as GSI, WS-/Pre-WS GRAM, and MDS in the Globus Toolkit. Hiding the complexity of the Globus Toolkit, Ninf-G enables easy development and execution of Grid applications. Now, Ninf-G 2.4.0 has been included in the NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI) Release 8 which was distributed in October 18, 2005. Ninf-G is the first non-US software in NMI. At SC05 research exhibit, AIST will introduce Ninf-G activities including large-scale nano-science application on Japan-US Grid testbed and Ninf-G version 4. AIST booth is #723.



  • Project: SRM
  • Contact: Timur Perelmutov <>
  • Description: The SRM project at Fermilab is using the Java CoG Kit for gsi authentication and encryption of its web services and for performance of gridtp transfers.
  • Web Pages: and
  • Demo times at SC: unknown


  • Project: LTERgrid
  • Contact: Mike Freemon <>, NCSA
  • Demo: SC05 Tuesday 11AM NCSA Booth
  • Description: The LTER Grid Pilot Study, which ran from March 2005 to September 2005, investigated how grid middleware and high-performance computer applications could be used to facilitate remote study and collaboration among ecology and biology researchers all over the world. The SC05 presentation will provide an overview of the project and demonstrate the Biophony Grid Portal application.
  • CoG Kit usage: The LTERgrid project uses the Java CoG Kit jglobus library.

Data Analysis Grid Service for the OSG

  • Project Name: Dataset Analysis Grid Service
  • Contact: David Alexander & Bala Ananthan (Tech-X Corp), Tony Johnson & Victor Serbo (SLAC)
  • Web Page:
  • Demo: A demo of this service will be available anytime at the Tech-X booth (#2314) and you can use any of my contact information below as I will be the primary contact at the conference. I will also be giving a talk at the Fermilab/SLAC booth (#302) Thursday morning at 10:30am (see
  • What we are using CoG for: Proxy initialization, jglobus client API to connect to make calls to a Globus Grid Service, jglobus container for hosting our Grid Service. We are using jglobus to build a grid service for interactive dataset analysis on the Open Science Grid ...


  • Project name: ASKALON
  • Demos:
    • Aurora booth 146 (tuesday, wednesday, thursday) after 16:00
    • AustrianGrid booth 6113 (tuesday after 15:00, wednesday after 12:00 and thursday between 11:30 and 13:00)
  • Web Page:
  • Description: The goal of ASKALON is to simplify the development and optimization of applications that can harness the power of Grid computing. The ASKALON project crafts a novel environment based on new innovative tools, services, and methodologies to make Grid application development and optimization for real applications an everyday practice.


  • Project name: Gridchem
  • Web Page:
  • Demo: Wed. Nov 16, 3pm NCSA booth, Thu, Nov 17, 2:00pm OSC booth
  • Description: Enable computational and experimental scientists to do “ more” computational chemistry by providing capability computing resources and services at their fingertips.


  • Project name: GISolve
  • Description: A brid-based Problem Solving Environment for Computationally Intensive Geographic Information Analysis
  • Contact Shoao Wang
  • Web Page: TBD
  • Demo/Poster: University of Iowa

Grid based Geo-Middleware for Geographic Analysis

  • Project name: GGM
  • Description: TBD
  • Contact Shoao Wang
  • Web Page: TBD
  • Demo/Poster: University of Iowa


  • Booth: ESMF
  • Contact
  • Web Page:
  • Description: The objective of the GRID-BGC project is to create an end-to-end technological solution for high-end Earth system modeling that will reduce the costs and risks associated with research on the global carbon cycle and its coupling to climate.


  • Project Name: TBD
  • contact Kaj Kumar for more infor. Several posters seem to indicate use of CoG

GSI FTP Client

  • Project: NorduGrid Arconaut
  • Description Development of a GSI GridFTP client (Beta phase)
  • Web Page:
  • Contact:
  • Description: Arconaut is the NorduGrid/ARC client program (you can find few sentences about Arconaut in Section 6.1 of a whitepaper.


People at SC that use CoG Kits


  • Project Name: TENT - The Integrated Simulation Environment TENT
  • Contact: Andreas SChreiber is at SC2005, you can reach him at
  • Description: TENT is a component-based framework for the integration of technical applications. TENT allows the engineer to design, automate, control, and steer technical workflows interactively. The applications are therefore encapsulated in order to build components which conform to the TENT component architecture. TENT is used for workflow integration in several projects, for CFD workflows in turbine engine and aircraft design, in the modeling of combustion chambers, and for virtual automobile prototyping.
  • Web Page:



  • Project Name: SPUR - a Distributed Simulation Framework for Seismic Performance for Urban Regions
  • Contact: Thoamsz Haupt,
  • Web Link:
  • Description: The objective is to advance the state-of-the-art in simulating the effects of a major earthquake on an urban region by the integration of earthquake ground motion modeling with modeling of structural and infrastructure systems using advanced computational and visualization methods.

Adaptive Workflow

Contact: Yoonhee Kim, Description: A Grid workflow project, TBD Web LInk: TBD


Project Name: GAUGE Contact: Francisco Hernandez Web Page: Description: Classification PhD thesis

Not at SC05


  • Project Name: Open GRid Ocsp -OGRO-
  • Contact: Jesus Luna ( or Oscar Manso (
  • Web Page:
  • What we are using CoG for: Implemented OCSP support at CoG's ProxyPathValidator class according to guidelines being worked out at GGF's CAOPS-WG (we are part of such workgroup).

Genome Grid

  • Project Name: Genome Grid
  • Contact : Rajendra.R.Joshi (
  • Web Page :
  • What we are using CoG for : Developing a web interface for the MPICH-G2 applications in the grid environment.